Chapt. I
The Crucifixion

Pilate found Him innocent
But, the chief priests all rebelled …


‘He called Himself the Son of God …
This man must die!’ they yelled.
The soldiers made a crown of thorns

And placed it on His head,
And they put on Him a purple robe.
‘Hail, King of the Jews!’ they said.
But, Pilate – he was unconvinced
That this man called Christ should die.
So, again he faced the jeering mob.
And they shouted, ‘Crucify!’
Then Pilate washed his hands of it,
And the Christ was led away
To be burdened with a heavy cross
And brought to Calvary.
There, the soldiers grabbed Him
And they nailed Him … hand and foot.
And, on the cross above His head
Pilate’s words were put.
In Hebrew, Greek and Latin

Was the title that Pilate did choose.
A title that bore this inscription:
The soldiers took His raiments
And cast lots upon His coat.
They laughed and mocked His holy name.
And the title that Pilate wrote.
‘Father … please forgiven them …’
Our Lord cried through His pain,
‘For, they know not what they do.’
The soldiers laughed again.
The Jewish leaders smirked and said,
‘So quick was He to help …
If He really is the Messiah,
Let us see Him save Himself.’
Then, one who hung near Jesus
Began to mock and jeer.
But, the other man protested …

‘Of God … have you no fear?!?
We’re only getting what we’re due.
Our lives were evil spent.
But, this man hasn’t done a thing.
This man is innocent !!!’
Then he asked, ‘Remember me …?’
As he looked in Jesus’ eyes.
And Jesus said, ‘You’ll be, today,
With Me in Paradise.’
Then, a darkness fell upon the land,
The sacred veil was split in two.
Then Jesus shouted, ‘Father …
I commit My soul to You.’
And, there upon that simple cross,
As had been prophesied,
To save us all from Satan’s power
Our Lord and Saviour died.


Chapt. II
The Resurrection

It was early Sunday Morning.
With their ointments to embalm,
The women ventured to the tomb
And saw, there, something wrong.
The rock that seal’d was roll’d away.
No body was inside …
What happened here? They tried to think,
But, they were mystified.
‘Twas then two men in shining robes
Appeared to them, and said …
‘Why do you look within this tomb
For He who is not dead?’
Then, the men reminded them
Of God’s own prophecy …
That they recall what Jesus said
While back in Galilee.
‘Twas then that they remembered,
And to Jerusalem
They rushed to tell the others
Of what happened there, to them.
The disciples – they could not believe
What the women had to share …
Two of Jesus’ followers,
Later on that day
Were walking towards Emmaus …
Seven miles away.
When a stranger came beside them
And joined them on their walk.
He asked, ‘What causes such concern
That it affects the way you talk?’
They did not recognize Him,
As they told their tale of woe …
Yet, as they talked, they deemed it strange
This person did not know.
Then, the stranger quoted Scripture
From Genesis on through,
And, He explained to them each passage
And what the Messiah had to do.
They begged this stranger sup with them.
And, as He broke the bread …
They saw that it was Jesus..
And, Jesus is not dead!
But, when they recognized our Lord,
He disappeared from sight.
They, in turn … within the hour,
Went out into the night.
They travelled to Jerusalem,
And were greeted warmly there
By the Chosen and some Followers
With more good news to share.
When, suddenly … amongst them
Our Saviour did appear.
And everyone who saw Him
Did shrink away with fear.
He asked, ‘Why are you frightened?
You doubt it’s Me … but, why?
Look at my hands! Look at my feet!
You can see that it is I!
Touch Me! See that I’m no ghost …
For ghosts do not have flesh.
Could I have some food to eat?’
They gave Him broiled fish.
He reminded them of all He taught.
That the Prophets’ words came true.
Then, He touched their minds that they might see
What He wanted them to do.
‘Take this message of SALVATION
Out that all the world might see …
That there’s forgiveness of all sins
For them that turn to Me.’


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