-a psychological condition defined as the inability to be happy or have fun or experience common sensual pleasur302883_10151342830085763_1666730208_nes.
-it’s a state of numbness
-connected to a long history of misery so that even when life improves they don’t feel good
-pre existing developmental impairment ie repression of feelings-obsessive thoughts and behaviours-catastrophic expectations of change and familiarity with un happiness
-the experience of better is so foreign and unfamiliar that we end up feeling more miserable
-tend to be other oriented [if others change I will change-victim stance]
-lifestyle of dissociation
-rid self of unhealthy medicators
-dismantle misery thoughts
-redefine reality
-self care
-live with temporary discomfort to recover
-live in the present moment
-practice laughing

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