Welcome to Street Level Consulting

Psychotherapy is an interactive, collaborative process. As a psychotherapist I use a holistic approach that considers factors such as cognitions (thoughts), emotions, perceptions, physical sensation, and relationship with self and others. Psychotherapy utilizes strengths and resilience, is culturally sensitive and trauma-informed.

One on One Weekly Sessions

After the consultation, clients attend sessions at our clinic on a weekly or bi weekly basis with the therapist for the recommended treatment duration. Here, our objective is to work through the treatment plan, goals, and objectives set in your initial consultation. All sessions after the consultation are 50 minutes in length.

 Finish and Evaluate

After completing the recommended program, we check in for another consultation appointment to check in on what your experience was like. If you’re still struggling (and everyone takes a different amount of time to work through issues), we may recommend continued therapy to keep you on the right track. If you’re feeling like you’ve made significant improvement in your issues, your therapy ends here . We will likely give you reading materials and homework to help you along the way and you’re welcome to come back for a check-in session at any time. After your therapy, we always love to hear how you’re doing and what you’ve accomplished!

Group facilitation

From time to time we will facilitate group work delving into various issues such as domestic violence , trauma,addiction. One of the biggest advantages of group therapy is that you are able to hear the feelings and experiences of others and then to either compare them or apply them to your own feelings and experiences. Furthermore, as a person grows individually, they are able to share that growth experience – and technique – with the group so that others may benefit .Another advantage of group therapy is that it often costs less than individual therapy. Note, however, that often a problem may be better treated with a combination of individual and group therapy.Group therapy offers additional support. You not only have the support and help of your therapist, but you also have the help and the support of the other members of the group – people who have had personal experience with what you are going through. Furthermore, you will discover that you are not alone in the world when it comes to your particular problem. This, in itself, often helps therapy to progress faster.