Depression sinks in, embedded within deep.

Optimistic, pleasant feelings, extremely hard to keep.

Love lost because of foolish acts I’ve done.

But no one else to blame, I am the only one.

Sickness had its claws in me, wouldn’t let go.

Unfortunately they did, when it was too late though.

Looking back on my life, abused, abandoned, mistreated.

I still find it hard for me to find something to believe in.

So until this moment, I know that I push people away.

So it’s not others, but myself that I betray.

But I’ve fallen in love for the first time in my life.

Was engaged, she was to become my wife.

Then I allowed the devil, to grab a hold, take control.

Crack cocaine robbed me, and others of my soul.

I went down hard; now once again, face my future alone.

Once things so concrete, no longer written in stone.

This sickness, turned me into something I know I am not.

But within its clutches, I was irresponsibly caught.

No one can understand this, or what happened to me.

My ship went down, with no land that I could see.

No preserver was thrown, I was left to die.

Too tired to tread water, too strong to give in.

Now I am in treatment, life still looks grim.

For I’ve lost those that meant the world to me.

But finally, there is now land on the horizon I see.