Notes to self


– is inconceivable to me that churches are not making empowerment of the poor a priority

– the churches are meeting the rising tide of poverty by simply ignoring it

– their eyes are closed

– street witnessing is not enough what the poor need is a place to talk amongst themselves – a place where no one will hassle him

– they need a sandwich and coffee

 – they need a place of their own where they can hear the word of God

-tragically, most churches are run like profit-making corporations when the only prophet. The house of God should be concerned with is the richness of winning souls changing lives and help people

– one of the positive things about street folks as their total lack of pretense

– There is a need for on-site community-based services

– treat signs and symptoms of mental illness and substance abuse

– assist clients in developing and maintaining social skills and a support network

– promote health maintenance

– improve the overall quality of the client’s life


Thank you, Lord

that your grace

helps us to realize

that rebellion

against weakness, since, mistakes

is the pride

of those who think themselves perfect

I forget that we are




if only our pride understood

that you perform miracles

to sustain

true and genuine humility



The Lord is there

he is far less likely

to abandon us

in hardship

in time, of ease




your spirit told us

through the mouth of Paul

but the whole earth

and we to

as your children


in the pains of a birth

it’s easy, Lord

to grasp and  affirm this

for there are passages

so difficult

and hours

so filled with anguish

that the image really applies

they are labor pains

something is being born

who knows?

And women can breathe

into a more human world    , Dom Camera



Those who hunger for illumination – those who see remain on the fringe

they are divided

they are treated as mad

but these few rare souls\

 resist and are vigilance

they have an obscure need for spiritual life

for knowledge, for progress




Jonah was in the belly of the fish

many people will say that it’s impossible – that’s a fable

but God you can make fishes 100 feet long, says that it’s possible

you make a fish 1 inch long?

And God can do an even greater miracle

Christ says that as Jonah was three days and nights in the stomach of the fish

so he would be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth

in the grave and then rise from the dead

Jonah says inside the fish – salvation is of the Lord –

salvation in Hebrew is yeshua which means Jesus

Prof. Scholz argues that there is no room for the idea of a harsh, vindictive God of justice in the Old Testament to be contrasted with the God of love and mercy in the new one

love and mercy are always offered before judgment is rendered

Jesus warnings concerning judgment in the New Testament are as severe as anything in the Old Testament if we argue that the higher personal relegation of God’s love is seen in Jesus

in April 4, 1896 literary Digest ran a story of a Mediterranean whale that demolished the harpoon boat it says – two men were lost….1, was found alive in the whale’s belly a day and a half after it was killed.James Bartley lived with no aftereffects accept his skin was tanned by the gastric juices





France is the great saint of the cc considered himself the most worthless of men in the greatest of sinners.

The more the brightness of God’s presence shone on his heart , the more his sins seem black in comparison. We may remember that Isaiah had a vision of God in his holiness and immediately exclaimed – woe is me. I am ruined. For I am a man of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King –

brother Masao ran after France’s asking – why you. Why is the whole world following after you – and Francis was able to only laugh that God had chosen him as no one more worthless could be found on whom to set his mercy


Saint Patrick

I bind unto myself today

the strong name of the Trinity

by invocation of the same

the three in one and one in three

I bind the state to me forever

by the power of faith Christ’s incarnation

his baptism in the River Jordan

his death on the cross for my salvation

his bursting from the spice tomb

his writing up the heavenly way

his coming at the day of doom

I find myself today



Christ be with me… Christ within me

Christ behind me… Christ before me

Christ beside me… Christ to win me

Christ to comfort… And restore me

Christ inquired… Christ in danger

Christ in hearts of all that love me

Christ in mouth and friend and stranger


Beneath are the everlasting arms and they bear the print of the nails, no matter how far I have sunk. He descends to lift me up

he has plumbed all the hell’s of this world, that he may lift us up words. He is our firm support


I am only a spark

Lord, make me a fire

I am only a string

make me a lyre

I’m only a drop

making a fountain

I’m only a feather

make me a wing

I’m only a rag

make me a king

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Who is so low that I am not his sister

who is so high that no path to him

who is so poor that I may not feel his hunger

who is so rich that I may not pity him

who is so hurt that I may not know his heart ache

who sings for joy my heart we never share

who in God’s heaven has passed beyond my vision

Glynn Hells depths where I may never fair

may none then call on me for understanding

may none then turned to me for help in paying

and drain alone his bitter cup of sorrow

or finds he knocks up my heart in rain

Ralph Harlow



And all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well – Julian of Norwich


Let us vow to heal and nourish

that is about to love and share

that is about to alleviate suffering and bondage

that is about to manifest peace and joy

with wisdom and compassion



Dear God

the world is not as it should be

there is violence and famine

sickness and pain

but those things die dear Lord

May I be reborn

as we embark upon the newness

of the coming age

the castaway by love

May we all be reborn

where brother sees not

the beauty of his brother

and a sister sees not

the glory of her sister

where brother sees not

innocence of his sister

a sister sees not the

the brilliance of her brother.

Many illusions die dear Lord

May we all be reborn.

Take this millennium

and all the ages past

and strip them of their lovelessness

they only love remain

forgive the horror

exalt the glory

redeem the past

release the future

wipe away all tears

deliver us to joy

correct our thinking

and heal our hearts

may fear now die dear Lord

may we be no longer who used to be

release your glory

which lies within us

that all the world may be reborn

this is my prayer

for the age upon us

this is my prayer for me

Marianne Williamson



I pray for the strength to accept that lives most often end in tragedy

that guests don’t always work

that understanding is a long and lonely hunt

but I can’t reason my way to love

I can’t eat gold or live forever

and that none of this matters

I pray to understand

that I am here to find my way back to God

and whatever that take sons all the rest

safer love…… John Gatto



We all drink from one water

we all breathe from one air

we rise from one ocean

and we live under one sky

truly we are one

the newborn baby cries the same

the laughter of children is universal

everyone’s blood is red

and our heart beats the same song

truly we are one.

We are all brothers and sisters

one human family from one earth

together we live together we die

truly we are one

peace be to you

my brothers and sisters




We pray for kids on city streets

even when they rob us

we pray for teenagers

even when they seduce each other

we pray for children

who could be learning

even when I sit in class like zombies.

We pray for the goodness

that is buried in young drug addicts

even when they are hustling people

we pray for them

all in the name of light

we know the darkness cannot diminish light

we pray for them all in the name of light

that lights everyone who comes into the world

we pray for them all in the name of the light

who gives us the substance of things hoped for

and his evidence of things not seen… Tony comp Olah



Lord, when did we see you hungry

I was hungry and you are flying around the moon

I was hungry and you told me to wait

I was hungry and you formed a committee

I was hungry and you talked about other things

I was hungry and you told me there is no reason

I was hungry and you had bills to pay for weapons

I was hungry and you told me how machines work

I was hungry and you said law and order came first

I was hungry and you said, they’re always poor people

I was hungry and you said my ancestors were hungry to

I was hungry and you said after age 50. No one will hire you

I was hungry and you said God helps those in need

sorry stop by again tomorrow



Take my life and let it be

consecrated Lord to thee

take my moments in my days

let them flow and ceaseless praise

take my hands and let them move

at the impulse of your love

take my feed and let them be

Swift and beautiful for thee

take my voice and let me saying

always only for my King

take my lips and let them be

filled with messages from thee

take my silver in my gold

not a mite will I withhold

take my intellect and use

every power as you choose

take my will and make it thine

it shall be no longer mine

take my heart, it is your own

I shall be your royal throne

take my love my Lord. I pour

at your feet its treasure store

take myself and I will be

ever only all for thee….France’s . Howard



Oh God, who am I now

once I was secure in familiar territory

in my sense of belonging

I’m questioning of the norms of my culture

the assumptions built into my language

the value shared by my society

but now you have called me out

and away from home

and I do not know where you are leading

I am empty unsure and uncomfortable

I have only a beckoning start follow

dear journeying God

pitch your tent with mine

so that I may not become deterred

by hardship strangeness and doubt

show me the movement, I must take

towards a wealth not dependent on possessions

towards wisdom not based on books

towards a strength, not bolstered by might

toward my God, not confined to heaven

but scandalously earth

poor none recognized

help me to find myself

as I walk in another’s shoes… K conpstant


Holy God. As you have touched us

may we now touch others with your love

the oppressed and the persecuted

crying out for the liberating touch of justice

touch them with your justice in us

the poor and the outcast

crying out for the life-giving touch of compassion

touch them with your compassion in us

the battered victims of war

and domestic violence crying out

for the healing touch of peace

touch them with your peace

the lost and lonely

crying out for the welcoming touch of friendship

touch them with your friendship in us

the prisoner of their own fears and cruelty

crying out for the generous touch of mercy

touch them with your mercy in us

and those we love

crying out for the continuing touch of love

touch them with your love for us

may our lives be the place

where you touch us

and we touch others in your name

for you Lord

are the source of our life and love… K Galloway


The cry to God as father

in the New Testament

is not a comic knowledge meant

of a universal truth

about God’s abstract fatherhood

it is the child’s cry

out of a nightmare

it is the cry of outrage

fear shrinking away

when faced with the horror of the world

yet not simply or exclusively

protest but trust as well

Abba father – all things are possible with you



Even though the day be laden and my task. My strength small

the song keeps singing in my heart

four. I know I am yours

I know I am part of you – you are part of me

 and all my times are in your hand




Lady poverty

if I am truly poor, then I’m dependent on others for everything

and I feel useless and worthless

and I realize deep within that everything is a gift from her father

then in this attitude of complete dependence

I become useful again for then I’m empty of selfishness

and I’m free to be God’s instrument instead of my own

in poverty. I begin to value everything rightly again

I see how little really matters

NIC that only that which glorifies God is of any value

I write these words in pain to you Lady poverty

for I have wept bitter tears because I was poor and had to beg from others

and I felt like a burden to people and to God

and I have grown weary of Christ’s words not to worry about tomorrow

but in his grace I have surrendered to God sovereignty

and God’s providence has made me feel free… Francis of Assisi



Brother Lawrence

pray remember that I have recommended to you to think often of God by day and night in your business and even in your divergence

he is always near you and with you

leave him not alone. You would think it rude to leave her friend alone who came to visit you. Why must God be neglected?

Do not then forget him but think of him often and adore him continuously and live and die with him – this is the glorious employment of her Christian. If we do not know it, we must learn it



Oscar Romero

how easy it is to denounce structural injustice, institutionalized violence, social sin?

Edit is true. This sin is everywhere but where are the roots of social scenes?

In the heart of every human being.

Present day society is a sort of anonymous world in which no one is willing to admit guilt and everyone is responsible. Because of this salvation begins with the human person, with human dignity – with saving every person from sin. Individually, there are amongst us here know to sinners alike. Each one has committed his or her own shameful deeds and yet we want to cast her guilt on another and hide from our own sin. I must take off my mask – I too am one of them and I need to bake God’s pardon because I have offended God and society. This is the call of Jesus. How beautiful the expressions of that woman. Upon finding herself pardoned and understood – no one certain no one has condemned me. And neither do I says Jesus I who could give that truly condemning word neither do I condemn you but be careful brothers and sisters. Since God has forgiven us so many times. Let us take advantage of that friendship with the Lord which we have recovered and let us live it with gratitude




Oh God I want to belong

teach me to accept

I want to be close

teach me to reach out

I want a place where I’m welcome

teach me to open my arms

I want mercy

teach me to forgive

I want beauty

teach me, honesty

I want peace

show me the eye of the storm

I want truth

show me the way to question

my unquestionable convictions

I want joy

show me the way to deep commitment

I want life

show me the way to die



How shall I pray

her tears, prayers Lord

our screens prayers

or groans or sighs or curses

Ken trebling hands be lifted to you

were clenched fists

or the cold sweat that trickles down my back

or the cramps are not up my stomach

we accept my prayers Lord

my real prayers

rooted in the muck and mud

and rock of my life

not just my pretty

cut flowers gracefully

arrange bouquet of words

we accept me Lord

is I really am

next up mixture

of glory and grime

Lord, help me

help me to trust you

help me believe that you do accept me

just as I am

that it may be done

with self-condemnation and self-pity

and accept myself

help me to accept you as you are

mysterious – hidden – strange

and yet trust

that your madness is wiser

then my timid self-seeking sanity’s

and that nothing you’ve ever done

has really been possible

so I may dare to be a little mad to




plunge me deep into a sense of sadness

at the pain of my sisters and brothers

afflicted by war – prejudice – indifference

that I may learn again

to cry as a child

until my tears baptize me

into a person who touches with care

those I  now touch and prayer

victims of violence

sexual exploitation and greed

enslaved to addiction

prisoners of poverty

people with broken bodies

with broken minds

with broken hearts and spirits

I remember them now

in silence before you

because I have too often

forgotten them

in the shuffle of my

fretful busyness