poverty and homelessness

– What about looking for real solutions to poverty and homelessness
– what about attacking the root of the problem instead of reliving a Dickinson nightmare we being poor was nothing short of being criminal
– we criminalize poverty. So the good citizens of Calgary’s downtown don’t have to face the poor… The product of our governments shortsighted policies but putting on blinders and hoping the problem goes away will not stop vulnerable people from landing on our streets
– for true change to occur. We must attend to the structures in our society that maker shelters and feeding programs necessary and confront societal structures that have turned the world into an individualistic consumer society instead of bearing ourselves in religious practices to escape confronting the roots of suffering in our midst
– sojourners May 2000, Mr. Eisner, CEO of Disney earns $970,000 per hour is he really worth 346,000 times more than the sub contracted labor who makes less than four dollars an hour sewing his Mickey Mouse T-shirts
– sometimes we excuse ourselves from being responsible by saying were not rich
– whichever roof over your head, adequate clothing and a friend then your rich
– we work and live in the midst of the city in order to more tangibly embrace the noise and pollution. The hurts and the people of the inner-city, in our prayers.thought.we live in solidarity with the people of the city in order to offer a place of hope
– we may come to the inner-city to help the poor but we soon realized that in fact it is they who are helping us
– we’d knowledge the presence of the sacred and all we meet by our very presence. We witness to the value the untold respect and reverence due each human person
– however strange it may seem to some in the inner-city. Jesus is known to some as hobo patches or sparkles ecce homo behold the man this is Jesus the person who needs justice who has a right to justice
– the whole church is called to be prophetic. That is to say and proclaim the word of the Lord and also to lend the Lords voice to those who have no voice to do exactly what Jesus did when reading from Isaiah. He declared his personal mission’spirit of the Lord is upon me…’
– Modern-day Christianity is a strikingly infected by the viruses of wealth, egotism and security.
What is my identity and my what a do – am I what I have – am I what people say about me
– in this human world. There is I think more human weakness than wickedness…wickedness is nearly always at the root of our sin and Jesus always sees us by her roots
– if we do not submerge our will in the will of God a barrier is erected between God and us
– nowadays. Jesus is being crucified many times over throughout the world. Jesus must witness a fallen humanity wallowing in the most appalling since the world has ever known and the growing influence of Satan.
– Jesus heart is breaking. How can we his followers be in different
– in these end times, sufferings Jesus comforts us and gives us his glory. If we surrender completely surrender to the will of God.

He will transform us into his very image. We shall be radiant with an inner beauty borne of deep suffering.
Sharing in Jesus, sufferings, the fellowship of his sufferings, increasingly refines and transforms
us making a strong radiant
– there is a cry in the heart divine judgment is about to dissent judgment such as the world as never seen before… The earth will be turmoil
– Jesus challenges us – repair yourself – admit your sins. Every time – humble yourself beneath them and before others – ask forgiveness and where possible make amends – fall down in repentance at the foot of his cross and commit yourself to follow Jesus along his pathway
– but do it now for Jesus is waiting for his bride, and soon it’ll be midnight.
– It is unfathomable gift of grace that Jesus would choose a sinful human being like you and me for his bride
– holiness is not the luxury of the few it is a simple duty for each one of us

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