Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Education public speaking
Susan Brandt has has been leading workshops and contributed to conference teaching for over 30 years. She is recognized as a national leader for professional training in the fields of psychology, social work, and pastoral issues.  With humour and skill Susan can design workshops for small or large groups.
Consulting with not for profit, private sector and church agencies
With a lifetime of counselling experience Susan possesses a wealth of knowledge that is directly relevant to many social . health and pastoral issues, both in terms of understanding the problems and their potential solutions. Unfortunately, much of this knowledge never reaches the people who are working on these issues.Wherever possible, Street level consulting  personal goal is to build bridges between these groups, so that they might increase their efficiency and effectiveness.


PUBLIC SPEAKING and TEACHING to inspire and inform:

Speaking engagements, motivational talks and educational seminars are available to be presented to your group –


-People helping skills
-Poverty and Homeless : Why should we care
-Sexual exploitation and human trafficking
-Addictions and Sobriety
-Longevity in ministry
-Realities of gang life
-Pulpit relief
Myers Briggs Testing Seminars(MBTI®)

The most widely used personality inventory in the world, the MBTI® instrument provides an accurate picture of a person’s personality type. The MBTI® instrument determines preferences on four scales:

Extraversion–Introversion: Describes where people prefer to focus their attention and get their energy—from the outer world of people and activity or their inner world of ideas and experiences
Sensing–Intuition: Describes how people prefer to take in information—focused on what is real and actual or on patterns and meanings in data
Thinking–Feeling: Describes how people prefer to make decisions—based on logical analysis or guided by concern for their impact on others
Judging–Perceiving: Describes how people prefer to deal with the outer world—in a planned orderly way, or in a flexible spontaneous way

Myers Briggs Personality Types

Combinations of these preferences result in 16 distinct personality types. Understanding characteristics unique to each personality type provides insight on how they influence an individual’s way of communicating and interacting with others. Each program starts with the MBTI® assessment and profiling tool being used to give people insight into themselves and others. It is used to help promote personal and professional growth. And it is used as a means to help you understand and appreciate the people on your team so you can work more effectively together.

An assessment and profiling tool by itself provides information. But combine it with a workshop and you will develop the knowledge and skills to turn an average team into a high performing one.

–Full-Day Workshop:

Overview of Program Goals and Objectives

Taking and scoring of MBTI® profile
Discussion of MBTI® personality types and review of individual results
Presentation of the four scales: Attendees actively participate in a series of 4 experiential activities, one for each of the four scales. Participation in these in-depth activities allows for a deeper understanding of how people:
Problem solve
Make decisions
Are motivated
Action Planning: Transfer of learning back to the workplace setting.

Cost is $600.00




Da Vinci Society teen Homelessness

Dream center

John Howard Society Post incarceration
syndrome/Relapse prevention plans


Key note homeless awareness week city hall

Joseph storehouse church seminar homelessness

Salvation Army Relapse prevention


Aspen family services ;Family Homelessness

Alpha house Detox clients support group

Salvation Army addiction psychology series ed sessions

AADAC Wellness walk key note


Brenda Stafford house Domestic Violence legal supports

Discovery house Domestic Violence legal supports

Airdrie community resource centre Domestic Violence legal supports

Salvation Army [developed and implemented Drug and Alcohol Treatment programing for homeless community and federal parolees]

Central United church [facilitate Relapse prevention group, preaching and counseling]

Women’s emergency center [developed and implemented Domestic violence court support counseling services; facilitate seniors domestic violence group OWLS]

Calgary association against sexual assault [sexual assault response team]

University of Calgary medicine [ health determinants of homelessness]

Mount Royal Nursing dept [ street nursing]

Woods Homes [staff motivation talk]

Calgary Homeless foundation [volunteer training for Homeless connect]


Vancouver Homestead Treatment center -Addiction and trauma

Ottawa Inner city ministries- 20th anniversary speaker

Alpha house [speaker at open house]

FCJ Centre [women and homelessness seminar]

Servants Anonymous [wrote, published and implemented new curriculum in areas of womens health, and empowered employment for women exiting sex trade][trauma counseling] [safe house support group] [life skills teaching]

Momentum [process of change for staff 4 sessions]

Boys and girls club [trauma counseling homeless teen program and motivational speaker for teens in care]

Alexander Health Centre [Home base program-conflict resolution]


Ambrose University [chapel speaker]

Sheldon Chumer Centre collaborative services [court support instruction]

Ambrose University ; Calgary Conference plenary: Sexual slavery; Human trafficking

Tsu Tinna Reserve Clinical supervision of addiction counselors

Alex home Base program’ Responses to trauma

Vancouver Homestead Treatment center Addiction and trauma

Ambrose University research project Human Trafficking


Hera program for exploited girls [trauma]

Church in the Hills Sexual Exploitation

Central United Church addictions


Calgary Womens Emergency Shelter Trauma 101

Church in the hills-sermon

Ambrose university-Human Trafficking

Calgary homeless foundation-Trauma


Prairie bible institute-Human Trafficking

Alpha House-Caring for caregiver

Home base housing program-Trauma

Professional women  Meetup-Myers Briggs type Indicator

Harmony to Harmony-MBTI


Alpha House x2-Motivational Interviewing

Metro Community -Kelowna- Vicarious trauma and Burnout

Street Teen Mentors-Denver Colorado-Rescue avoidance

Harmony through Harmony- prayer beads


San Francisco Tenderloin Glide Church – Compassionate Care

Veteran Street Workers gathering Toronto

Prairie bible institute -Sexual Exploitation

JLYS Family Centre Domestic Violence

Alpha House Shelter – death and dying in housing First communities

Street Level Consulting Conference Calgary Responding to Traumatic responses